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About Me

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Hi! My Name Is Faye

I enjoy making candles, soaps, lip balm. Bath saltz and more to come all hand made and tested. So I can be proud of the products I create, tested and use Myself!

Story About Candles & Soap

Pure integrity soy candles are scented above and beyond your best scented candles! Our candles burn clean and even from top to bottom! Our soy candles are made with a proprietary 100% all natural stabilized soy wax. What really sets our so candles apart from other candles is our strong and healthy fragrances. Our “Innovative Fragrance Technology” uses a unique 7 step pouring process, the latest innovation in candle making!

When we first set out to make a healthier scented candle for ourselves we had no idea of the adventure we were about to partake. Soy wax had recently been invented and almost no soy candles were on the market.  Most fragrance manufactures were making fragrances specially for paraffin wax, which is a byproduct of petroleum oil when refining gasoline. This created a significant problem because soy wax has a very different chemical composition. Our first dilemma was that most of the fragrances on the market were made from one hundred percent synthetics, which we wanted to avoid. We wanted to use pure essential oils, floral essences and/or natural extracts. Unfortunately most of these ingredients were either unstable at such high temperature, did not burn properly or had a very poor scent-throw. Our second dilemma, for people who want to enjoy a great fragrance but are also health conscience, is that  soy wax burns about 20 degree cooler than paraffin wax. Because soy wax burns cooler it has a more difficult time forcing the fragrance into the air (scent-throw) and this is one reason most soy candles on the market are not using 100% soy.
Most soy candle companies will use a blend of paraffin and soy; then they can legally call it a “Soy Candle”. This blend enables the wax to burn at higher temperature and enhances the scent-throw compared to 100% soy wax. However, for health and environmental reasons we did not want to use any paraffin/petroleum wax.
We put our customers FIRST ABOVE ALL FALSE ALL ELSE! And try to make any issue the most important issue to us. IF you have any issue at all just send us an E-Mail and we should get back to you with-in 4-6 HOURS.
If you have a special order just send us an E-Mail to discuss your needs.


Burn Time and Important Safety Facts
*  2 oz candle burn time Approximately 05-10 Hours Burn Conditions
*  4 oz candle burn time Approximately 15-20 Hours Burn Conditions
*  6 oz candle burn time Approximately 25-30 Hours Burn Conditions
*  8 oz candle burn time Approximately 35-40 Hours Burn Conditions
* 10 oz candle burn time Approximately 40-50 Hours Burn Conditions
* 12 oz candle burn time Approximately 50-60 Hours Burn Conditions
* 14 oz candle burn time Approximately 60-70 Hours Burn Conditions
* 16 oz candle burn time Approximately 70-75 Hours Burn Conditions

                Tips to Safely Enjoy Our Candles!


Don’t touch your candle while hot.

Keep an eye on all your candles and never burn near anything that can catch fire.

Keep your candles clean by trimming the wicks to 1/4 inch before you light them, every time

Candles out of reach of pets and children